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Benefits of Tanning

While much debate over health and tanning still abound, we at Tropic Isle have gathered some information about recent research that largely point in the direction that concludes that tanning in a controlled environment, without sun burning, has many positive benefits!

We invite you to visit some of the following internet sites and make an informed decision for yourself. Don't be swayed by a biased media funded largely by industries that gain from the promotion of chemical sunscreens and dermatological procedures.

Watch 7 new videos soon to be aired by the Smart Tan Association, click here

Dr. Ronald Hoffman from WOR Radio. An interview podcast with Dr. Michael Holick on the need for Vitamin D and is connection to the use of a tanning bed. One tanning session provides 2,000 international units of Vitamin D...

ABC News Tanning makes 1000 ius of Vitamin D. He recommends Tanning Beds

Dr. Oz speaks on ABC about the natural wonders of Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps reduce cancer risk

ABC News Vitamin D beats many cancers

Sunbathing increases male's sex drive

And here are some links to some other helpful sites
theita.com     smarttan.com     tanningtruth.com     grassrootshealth.net     vitamindcouncil.org     vitamindoc.com